Back to School

I'm back to school tomorrow. It will be my last year of school before College... Ok, I don't want to think about it.
I have an awesome schedule! I only have classes in the morning, so I have a lot of free time.
Tomorrow I will have PE and Chemistry (the lab class!).
I don't know why I'm always so nervous before the first day of school. I mean, I know the school, I know my classmates, I know the teachers, I even know the classrooms, so I don't get it...
Well, I have to go... I have to try to sleep. (as if I could sleep before 3 AM :S)
Byee :)
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Writer's Block: Checklist for Eternity

If you could live forever how would you spend your time?
I'd love to live forever. There are so many sciences I'd love to study, so many languages I'd love to learn, so many countries I'd love to travel to, so many University degrees I'd love to take (Cinema, Graphic Design and Phychology are only three from the looong list)...
Well, maybe I don't need forever. Only days with 50 hours or something like that. :D


The latest news about my boring life x)

My last post was two weeks and three days ago, I think lol
Nothing much had happened.
I'm already seventeen (yay!).
Last Thursday I went to the beach with some friends and got a sunburn x) At least now it doesn't hurt anymore!
I've already read Breaking Dawn two times - first online, and then with the book in my hands. My copy came last Friday, and I was only expecting it for yesterday (Monday)... Sometimes I'm lucky! lol
All I have to say is that the book is perfect. In my opinion, obviously. It has a lot of unexpected things. I won't talk more about the book now, because I'm too lazy to make a cut right now, and I don't want to spoil it to anybody.
And now with the Breaking Dawn playlist songs I have a looot of news songs to listen to! lol
In less then five weeks I'll be back to school and I'm really not looking forward to it. It's the last year before University... And the simple thought of it scares me. A lot.
I think I have nothing more to talk about now... I need to go to sleep.

Breaking Dawn

Today I will pre-order my book! I can't wait to have it in my hands.
In one week, it will be out in the USA. In 9 days it will be out in the UK... And I don't know when I will have it lol

And I don't really know what to write here :S

I hate being lazy!

The title says it all x)
My holidays had only begun officially last Thursday (although I haven't had classes seriously since the beginning of June) and I've been doing nothing but fangirling all over the Breaking Dawn quotes of the day (yesterday's Edward's quote was so sweet!) and reading romantic fanfiction that makes me feel down because my love life is horrible now.
I have a loooot of things to do, like cleaning my bedroom, and a looot of books to read!
But I just can't stop being lazy.
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